Monday 29th October League Game

Away game to Oscars 'A' team in Dingwall

Tonight saw the Balconie team head through to Dingwall to play Oscars' 'A' team.

The team for tonight was Tom, Ralph, Gram, Liam and Tony. First to play was Tom, and he won his game. Ralph was up next but unfortunately couldn't add to Tom's excellant start. Gram headed into the 3rd game at 1-1, and after a very close and hard fought game, missed out on the win. Liam was next to play, and again after a close game, got beaten. The score sitting at 3-1 down for the Balconie team, the pressure was starting to build. Tony was up next to finish the first set of singles, which he very narrowly lost, leaving the Balconie Team trailing their opponents 4-1 at the interval.

Gram was first up in the second set of singles, which he lost but only just. Tony was next to play, but unfortunately lost his game, meaning the draw was no longer a possibility for the Balconie team. Tom was next up and he won his second game of the night, then Liam played, and lost his game. Ralph was up next to finish off the match, which he won, giving us a final score of 7-3 defeat. Marginally better than the week before, but still a lot of work to be done. Next match is away to the 147B Team in Dingwall.


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