Monday 5th November league game

Away game to 147B team of Dingwall

Tonight's game saw the Balconie Team travel through to Dingwall to face the 147 'B' Team. The team for tonight was Gram, Tom, Spanners, Liam and Ralph. Tony was substitute for the Match. Gram was up first and took the first game, Tom was up next and won his game after some fine potting. Next up was Spanners, who also won his game to take the score to 3-0 in our favour. Liam was up next to play, and he very narrowly lost his game, although it was extremely close. Ralph was last to play in the first round of the singles, and he won his match, meaning the Balconie team took a lead of 4-1 into the break.

Tony came into the second set of singles, at the expense of Liam, but lost his game, although once again it could have gone either way. The 147B team now cutting the lead back to 4-2 in the Balconie's favour. Gram was up next, and after a very nervy black ball, with both players unable to finish off the black, Gram held his nerve to pot the black to ensure the draw was the worst result the Balconie could walk away with. Tom was up next, knowing that a win would seal the victory for the Balconie Team, and after some superb potting, potted the black on the tail end of a 5 ball clearance. That sealed the win for the Balconie Team. Spanners was next to play, and he won his game excellently, and Ralph was up next to finish off the match. Ralph was unable to polish off the perfomance with a win, but the loss did not take any of the shine off a thoroughly deserved win at 7-3. A superb display from all the players tonight, here's hoping the team can carry that form into next Monday's home game against the Royal Cromarty.


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