Monday 12th November League Game

Tonight's Game saw the Balconie entertain the Royal Hotel, Cromarty team, and after the win of the previous week, the team were quietly confident of a close contest. Oh how wrong they were.

The team for Tonight was Gram, Tom, Tony, Peeps and Ralph, who were to play in that order. The first set of the singles saw each player of the Balconie lose their games, giving a half time score of 5-0 down, leaving a mountain to climb. 

Tom was first to play the second set of singles, knowing that the first game lost would result in the win for the Cromarty team. He duly stepped up and won his game, but Ralph lost his game to seal the victory for the visitors, so with only pride and a little practice to play for, the rest of the team played out their matches. Up next was Gram, and he lost his game, then Tony, then Peeps both lost their games giving a final crushing score of 9-1 to the Cromarty team. A very comprehensive defeat for the Balconie Team, but on the upside.......oops, there was no upside. Next game is a cup game on Monday 19th against Ross-shire A team, which the Balconie drew with on their league fixture a few weeks back.


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