Monday 3rd December - League Night


Monday 3rd December saw the Balconie Team travel through to Dingwall to play the 147C Team. 

With Spanners, Gram and Ralph all missing from tonight's game, the Team that went through was Mark, Tony, Tom and Peeps.

As the Balconie team was 1 player short, the 147C team kindly agreed to let Tariq play as our 5th member.

Tom was first to play, and very unluckily lost his game. Tony was up next, and expertly finished off his game to tie the score at 1-1. Stand-in Tariq was next to play and he lost his game, so with the score sitting at 2-1 to the 147C team, Mark knew that defeat would all but end our challenge against the high flying Dingwall side. Mark cleared all his balls for a very well deserved 'granny', tying the score at 2-2. Peeps was last to play in the first set of singles, and he superbly won his game, giving the Balconie team a very well deserved lead at the Interval.

After some lovely Curry at Half time, the second set of singles was started by Tom, who won his game to give the Balconie Team at 4-2 lead, an upset was on the cards??

Mark was next to play, and he won his game, meaning the Balconie could not lose, the worst result being a draw. Tariq was next to play, knowing the if he won his game, there would be an almighty shock defeat for the 147C team. Tariq won his game very well, and Tony was next to play, safe in the knowledge that the win was already ours. Tony won his game and Liam was last to play to finish off the match. Peeps won his deservedly, giving a final result of 7-3 in the Balconie Teams favour. An awesome result that very few outwith the Balconie would have foreseen. 

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